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MacNeil Bathroom Taps - Featuring Selection, Style and Service

Although most people do not give a lot of thought to their bathroom taps, they provide a source for water as well as style. There are varieties of types that can enhance the décor of the bathroom. Since they play such an integral part of the functionality of this room, they must be durable as well as providing an enhancement to the décor.

When selecting from the wide variety of MacNeil bathroom taps, there are many from which to choose. Providing a range including silver, gold and platinum, Triumph taps are available in mid level, top level and elite level

The Elite (Platinum) Level Bathroom Taps

The Tanzanite bathroom taps are one of the elite levels of taps. This level includes a basin mixer long body tap, a basin mixer short body tap, a bath mixer CW hand shower, a bath/shower mixer with diverter and a bath/shower U-tile mixer. Choosing the one that will fit your bathroom décor is made easier when browsing the selections that are available for the various types of bathrooms today.

Also included in the elite level is the topaz range. This includes a º turn under tile diverter mixer and a º-turn basin mixer swivel spout among others. A º-turn under tile mixer allows hot and cold water to feed one or two outlets. The water is diverted to the one desired - a faucet for the bath or a shower. The desired temperature and water flow are controlled by the position of the lever.

The Gold (Top) Level Bathroom Taps

The gold level includes the Valpre range, the Avion, Iolite and Onyx range of taps to complete the bathroom décor. This level consists of many types that are European designed to provide luxury, comfort and flexibility to the bathroom. From the basin mixers to the shower and bath mixers, you will find a range that includes diverters, hand showers and more.

The Onyx type has under tile mixers among others. Allowing operation of hot and cold water with one handle, this type has the body of the tap in the wall and the water enters one side and comes out the other side. The wall divertor mixer sends water to one of the two outlets and the body of this bathroom tap is not in the wall. The hot water and cold water come from the pipes in the wall and enter the mixer. The adjustment of the lever regulates the water flow as well as the temperature. Some types may be under tile diverters as with the Onyx Under Tile Diverter Mixer.

The Silver (Mid) Level Bathroom Taps

The silver level of bathroom taps from MacNeil includes the Classico, the Coral, Victorian Headpart and the Emerald range of products. The pillar taps are included in the different range of taps of the silver level. These taps allow the water pressure and temperature to be regulated by opening the handle of the tap on either side of the faucet.

As you can see, there are various types of basin and tub/shower bathroom taps. The one chosen for your needs will depend upon your personal preference. However, with the wide range available from MacNeil, there will surely be one that fits the style as well as preferences of the bathroom fixtures desired.

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