A Greener Bathroom

Greening your bathroom is this year’s hottest and fastest growing trend. The trend commentators say bright colours are used to accentuate and add some fun in contract to last year’s creams, whites, beiges, browns and grey interior styles. But adding a pop of colour and natural textures to your bathroom isn’t the only way to green your bathroom space – water-saving bathrooms are especially in high demand. Excitedly we have just the thing for you!

With MacNeil’s low flow and dual flush toilets you will not only be making a worthy investment in the long-term but will also be purchasing one of the latest ‘on-trend’ bathroom ‘must haves’ to suit your lifestyle.

Our wisely designed products are more water efficient, effective and easier to clean. You can further cut down on water use in your home by purchasing a waterless urinal. 

With our extensive range of Truimph bathroom accessories you can choose from a vast variety of high quality products that will best transform your space to make it more eco-friendly.

MacNeil’s Italian Brass, European design Triumph taps are the perfect accessory for your new natural looking space. According to the latest interior trend research, earthy, brass and natural tones and textures are incorporated in all the latest modern bathroom designs. Truimp taps are basically as green as it gets since they are completely re-usable and recyclable. They also come with a 10 year warranty.

For more tips on greening your bathroom view MacNeil’s exquisite product range available in three different price ranges to suit your pocket; and select a design suited to your unique style and taste.