A touch of class with Glass Bricks

Bathroom renovations can be exciting projects since there are so many creative ideas that can be applied. With the extensive range of Sanitary Ware to choose from as well as creative elements such as Glass Bricks, you are able to create a more spacious look; curved spaces, creative seating or shelving; and let more light into your room!

MacNeil offers all its ranges in Silver, Gold or Platinum to cater for needs and budget within a mid, top and elite level. The same for the exquisite range of glass bricks to choose from!

Glass bricks come in a variety of choices; whether it is plain, ocean design, bubble design or even clear and coloured fog options. The sky is the limit! Glass blocks have become fashionable and a real trend in replacing conventional structural components.

There are so many colours, textures and opacities to choose from that they truly allow you to be extremely original and decorative!

Combined with lighting, tiles, mosaic or any other element for that matter – every style, taste and aesthetic look can be achieved.

Of course, the extensive and creative use of glass blocks do not end with the bathroom, they are beautiful editions to the kitchen and any area of your home!

These glass bricks are strong due to their thickness and can be used in different environments; whether it is to create room dividers and even window accessories to allow for more light.

With so many different shapes and sizes, these bricks can be used in a composition that you like by mixing different tiles and materials.

Some great examples of such applications:

(Picture Sources from Luxury Design Ideas)
Beautiful Bathroom enhancement with Glass Bricks allocated to side wall and bath area
Additional Lighting created by utilizing glass bricks to retain privacy
Beautiful room divider created with a curved effect using textured glass bricks
There is no doubt that if you are embarking on a bathroom, kitchen or renovation project in any area of your home; you will not be going wrong by looking into creatively using Glass Bricks!