Bathroom Beautiful with the right accessories

Very few things beat taking a long relaxing bath that leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world. The choice of main bathroom fixtures are as important as choosing the right accessories.

Bathrooms have evolved through the years and nearly every trend from traditional to ultra-modern has played out in a variety of fixtures, taps, showers and sanitary ware. A beautiful bathroom should be based on personal preference instead of the current trend; because trends come and go.
The most interesting recent trend (away from colours and styles) is that people are buying high quality sanitaryware instead of cheap imports from China.

Earthy tones have been the preferred colours for many years. Round, oval, square and rectangular bath tub shapes have always been popular, but more and more people are selecting larger more luxurious baths as homes are built with larger bathrooms that provide more space. Open plan bathrooms with the use of glass walls built from glass bricks are on the increase.

Traditional materials such as ceramic and enamel are more popular for baths and basins because of their scratch resistance and durability.

When choosing bathroom accessories, remember that "less is more". You should fill your bathroom with everything you need to enjoy a relaxing and functional experience; but try to prevent crowding or over-cluttering your bathroom. A bathroom that is over-done compromises an organized look.

Some funky ideas for trendy bathrooms include adding some splashes of colour and combining interesting colours. A cool and relaxing colour such as a striking blue combined with crispy whites; and decorated with blue and white towels; and some sea motif decor accessories will add to a coastal feeling for your bathroom.
You could also add some flower-power to your bathroom by placing a plant or two. It brings a little nature inside, adds some life to your bathroom and plants generate extra oxygen to this area of your home.

If you love to shower, but don't have sufficient space, you can combine your shower into your bath as an all-in one inspiration. There are various types of bath/shower combination options available and can be a beautiful feature if your bath is placed correctly.

Spa-living has become quite a trend across the world and such relaxing elements can easily be built into your bathroom. Spa baths are available in various shapes and colours. If you love to read, you can also consider adding a stainless steel magazine rack to your bathroom filled with some of your favourite magazines. 
Consider the use of lighting as an essential part of your bathroom accessories planning. This element; although it should be functional is a true ambiance creator!

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