Bathroom Ideas on a Budget

Remodelling a bathroom on a budget usually means not doing any significant or major changes, or at least limiting the changes you do make.

If you want to remodel your bathroom on a tight budget, there are ways of accomplishing this!

Try to refrain from moving any plumbing, adding expensive lighting fixtures, or any extensive drywall repairs. Plumbers and electricians are the most expensive trades; and dry walling is labour intensive.

If there has to be new tiles in the shower and on the floor the only way to save money is to do it yourself. Remember, tiles are a permanent fixture and you will most probably live with them for about 10 years; so skimping on the tile by getting something you are not truly happy with won’t save you that much money. If you do limit the fancy tile trims, you would save because that is usually where the costs add up.

If you are not changing tiles in the shower, there are some other affordable changes that can be made. With some plumbing brands it is possible to just upgrade the finishes, and not the shower valve. Re caulking the corners and changing the shower glass or curtain is also an easy dress up.

At the vanity area (if you have not budgeted for a new vanity); then it is possible to paint it, and change the knobs. A nice new counter top makes a huge difference and is well worth the investment.

A new faucet and sink are not overly expensive items. Taps make a wonderful upgrade and there are beautiful ranges to choose from; especially the range of Truimph taps with their European design and options in various price categories.

Get rid of the big mirror ubiquitous to the 1980's and 90's, and get a nice framed mirror to add that special touch! Changing the vanity lighting is also a non budget breaker.

On the walls you can repair any small damages to the drywall and change the paint colour for a fresh new look. New towel bars are a low budget addition also.

For that little extra; you will not go wrong to consider changing your shower door. Aqua D’or have a spectacular range to choose from. They are available in polished bright chrome or white and have superior sliding systems.
A new bathroom can add up to a lot of money – but by selecting carefully and planning within your budget, small changes can make a big difference!

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