As a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of laminate flooring, Kronotex offers not only innovative products but a simple solution to your flooring needs. with a unique CLIC-System for easy no mess installation. A floor is the foundation for every type of room design, and hence the basis for creating one's own sense of what life should be all about. For this purpose, Kronotex opens up a completely new world for you. Experience laminate floors which meet all demands, which feature unique aesthetics and top-class quality. There is no limit to where your imagination can carry you!

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  1. Laminate Flooring Cloud Oak
  2. Dynamic Cutter Oak

    Dynamic Cutter Oak

    8mm | 2-Strip | MX
  3. Laminate Flooring Barrow Oak
  4. Laminate Flooring Stockholm Ash
  5. Alto

    Laminate Flooring Alto

    8mm | 1-Strip | AF | V4
  6. Gala Oak Grey
  7. Harbour Oak
  8. Harbour Oak Grey
  9. Oak Hella

    Laminate Flooring Oak Hella

    8mm | 1-Strip | UL | V4
  10. Nostalgie Teak Beige
  11. Oak Liskamm
  12. Petterson Oak Beige
  13. Petterson Oak Grey
  14. Avenue

    Laminate Flooring Avenue

    8mm | 1-Strip | MX | V4
  15. Gala Oak Brown
  16. Gala Oak Nature
  17. Gala Oak Titan
  18. Gala Oak White
  19. Grivola

    Laminate Flooring Grivola

    8mm | Multi-Strip | UL | V4
  20. Village Oak
  21. Laminate Flooring Palace Oak Dark
  22. Palace Oak Light
  23. Prestige Oak Nature
  24. Route Des Vins Clair
  25. Route Des Vins Fonce
  26. Whitewashed Oak
  27. Highland Oak Bronze
  28. Highland Oak Silver
  29. Highland Oak Titan
  30. Macro Oak Light
  31. Macro Oak Nature
  32. Century Oak Brown
  33. Century Oak Grey
  34. Millennium Oak Brown
  35. Trend Oak Grey
  36. Trend Oak Nature
  37. Trend Oak White
  38. Laminate Flooring Block Wood
  39. Laminate Flooring Luxury Oak Silver
  40. Laminate Flooring Castle Oak
  41. Macro Oak Brown
  42. Trend Oak White 6mm
  43. Trend Oak Nature 6mm
  44. Trend Oak Grey 6mm
  45. Sutter Oak 6mm
  46. Trend Oak White
  47. Trend Oak Brown
  48. Summer Oak Beige
  49. Trend Oak Grey
  50. Summer Oak

    Laminate Flooring Summer Oak

    8mm | 1-Strip | WG | V4
  51. Trend Oak Nature
  52. Century Oak Grey
  53. Millennium Oak Brown
  54. Oak Dezent
  55. Oak Hella
  56. Petterson Oak Beige
  57. Petterson Oak Dark