Remodel Your Bathroom And Enjoy Luxury

A bathroom is such a unique element of any home; is it not time to re-model your bathroom and enjoy new luxury? If your budget does not allow for a total revamp, small changes such as taps can make a huge difference!

Few people give a lot of attention to their bathroom taps; but taps can truly add that touch of style. Taps also play an integral part of the functionality of the bathroom, so durability is as important as the enhancement to decor.

There is a huge variety of MacNeil bathroom taps to choose from and depending on your budget, MacNeil bathroom taps are available in mid level, top level and elite level; and the range includes the choice of silver, gold and platinum.

The Elite Platinum level of bathroom taps includes a Tanzanite and a Topaz range. Choosing the one that will fit your bathroom décor is made easier when browsing the selections that are available for the various types of bathrooms today.

The silver level of bathroom taps from includes the Classico, Coral, Victorian Headpart and the Emerald range of products.

From the gold level you can choose from the Avion, Valpre, Lolite or Onyx range of bathroom taps. These taps are European designed for luxury, comfort and flexibility .

The taps you choose for your needs will depend upon your personal preference. MacNeil offers an exceptional variety which will make it easy for you to find the taps suitable to your style and needs.

MacNeil has been a reputable manufacturer and distributor of bathroom fittings and sanitaryware since 1993. With their efficient distribution network throughout South Africa, they supply top brands in bathroom elements and accessories to a list of satisfied clientele that includes retailers, merchants, civil contractors and corporates.
No wonder they have gone from strength to strength because MacNeil supplies top brands in bathroom elements and accessories; and they deliver on their promise of supplying quality building products and superior after-sales service.

MacNeil stocks an extensive range of products which include Vesta Baths, Aqua D’Or Showers, Triumph Taps and accessories at competitive prices. Macneils range of Truimph Taps come with a ten year warrantee and their beautiful European Design is both re-usable and recyclable.

MacNeil is also the premium supplier and distributor of top quality galvanised fittings, doors, timbers, plastics and geysers.