Renovation Time!

Just like with any item in a different class and price range; usually the lower priced will be more economical and maybe a smaller version; versus the premium version of such item, which will generally be bigger and more luxurious.

The same applies to a bathroom... you will pay more for a larger bathroom, but with the benefits of added spaciousness, luxury and accessories. If it is a small bathroom, you can work on a much smaller budget and still achieve a satisfactory result if you plan wisely. In most cases, going the mid-way by balancing cost and comfort; thereby deciding on the right accessories for the size and requirements of your bathroom renovation project is the best way to go!

There is no doubt that non dependant on the size of your bathroom; they can be functional and stylish if you embark on your renovation project with some proper planning. Actually, the biggest challenge is to choose the right accessories according to your taste and preferences, and within your budget considering the huge amount of different product ranges and styles available.

Whether you are extending your bathroom; renovating your existing bathroom space or starting from scratch; budgeting and planning for a bathroom upgrade or renovation should always begin by determining the space you have available.

Usually, bathrooms fall into one of three categories when it comes to overall size and shape; which includes a standards size (typically rectangular which allows for a toilet basin, bath and in some cases a separate shower); then a guest toilet (in most cases allowing only for a toilet and small basin); and then the luxury of a master bathroom (usually much larger and allows much more space for extra detail, storage and even lounging areas). Of course this extra space allows for indulgences such as large free standing bathtubs, separate vanities, dual showers and even sitting areas with furniture, large windows or skylights and even storage.

Determining space is a key factor!
Thereafter, your renovation project is based on the planning and selection of fixtures. Dependant on your personal taste and desired luxuries for this area, you can select finer options that are visually appealing and comfortable; and other items that fit the space better and are more cost efficient. With a couple of well selected, higher priced items; an exquisite outcome can still be achieved by making good selections from better budget ranges.
Another important things to consider upfront before choosing your sanitary items is the style or theme you desire, the users of that area (which may require special items such as lower fitted basins or hand-rails in the shower for elderly) as examples.

Once you have this clear; you are able to shop around for the best priced Sanitary Ware and accessories to remodel your bathroom exactly to your desire.

Remember also, that a few expensive items combined with less costly elements; especially accessories and detail such as colour can still bring it all together; even with a limited budget. There is a huge variety of choices on the market and you are sure to find the right elements if you do your research and shop around.
From our years of experience, it is most definitely the arrangement of fixtures within the bathroom that determines how small or big the room feels; and not so much the actual size. A poorly planted, over-sized bathtub can make a room seem absolutely cramped, while a better selected and smartly placed tub with stylish lines would create a more spacious feeling!

MacNeil is a reputable manufacturer, wholesaler and distributor of building supplies from sanitary ware to bathroom fittings, brassware and plumbing fixtures to decking, timber doors and many other related products. They stock a huge variety of products in different price categories and product ranges to suit your individual needs and budget.

Decor selections truly make all the difference. Consider bringing in glass bricks or a wall (MacNeil has a lovely range to look at); lighting also creates a beautiful atmosphere; especially if they have dimmers installed!
Budget is always a consideration; but despite any budget; you are able to bring luxury into your bathroom. Indulge in those elements most important to you and shop around for clever accessories and other sanitary ware to complete the overall area; thereby creating a haven for privacy and relaxation!

From the many bathroom renovation projects we have embarked on; and support our clients with on a day to day basis; a couple of essential elements truly do stand out.

This definitely includes that taps; although their need for functionality is an important accessory and if well chosen, they truly impact the overall aesthetic look of the room. The choice of your bath is critical. Have a look at the range of Vesta baths from MacNeil. Whether other shoppers find it funny or not; be sure to sit in your desired tub before investing in it. It may not feel just as it looks!

Make sure that you take your time and choose your bathroom fixtures with care. By making good decisions, these will give you much joy for many years. Consider going with more graceful and curved lines instead of blocked units; which creates a more pleasing feel to the room and gives a more graceful and spacious effect.
Don’t spend fortunes on a toilet, but make sure you buy a quality unit that is both durable and comfortable. The same applies to flooring. Stone, marble or ceramic tiles have a much longer life-span than other types of tiles.

In conclusion, we stress detailed upfront bathroom renovation planning. This will ensure you achieve your desired result within your budget and use your space most appropriately. Considering our hustle-bustle lives; the time spent in the bath or the shower is a “get-away” we all deserve!