Sanitary Ware for Designing or Remodeling the Bathroom

When a design is being chosen for the bathroom in your new home or remodeling an existing bathroom, the sanitary ware can vary. In addition, the choices made are the ones that will make the bathroom attractive and functional. It is possible to have both if the right selection is made.

Choices from Bidets to Basins

The choices for today's bathrooms are not only much more diverse; they are extremely practical and create a room that is aesthetically pleasing. Sanitary ware has taken on a whole new look from the days of the first installed indoor plumbing. On the other hand, if the look you are trying to achieve is a traditional one, this is possible as well.

There is a wide choice of sanitary ware for the bathroom, including basins. The pedestal basin is an option. This can be chosen for small bathrooms or if this is just the look that is preferred. This option allows the pipes to be hidden and provides support to the basin. A half pedestal basin can also be chosen and often is for a smaller bathroom. This type is hung on the wall. Included in this line of basins is a

A wall-hung basin is another choice that can be a space saver. This type allows the floor underneath to be free and it is a stylish look as well. It does leave the pipes exposed, however. Drop in basins are available for the bathroom design that includes a vanity. This can be a single or a double vanity with two basins.

There are varieties of basins available that will fit any of the plans mentioned above. MacNeil has a line of sanitary ware that includes three levels - Silver, Gold and Platinum. They range from mid-level to the elite level. The Bermuda Basin and Pedestal is one choice in the Platinum level. This is a one tap hole pedestal basin that can be fixed to the wall to provide strength.

If a bidet is going to be added to your bathroom, there is a wide range available as well. This is an item that has been popular for a long time. Providing superior personal hygiene, opting to install one in your new bathroom or replacing an existing one will be a matter of preference. Among this sanitary ware option from MacNeil are several from which to choose. A Bermuda wall hung bidet or a Bermuda Bidet that sits on the floor are two of the choices in the Platinum products.

There are also several choices among the Silver and Gold levels. The Martinique Bidet is one that is included in the Gold level. Sanitary ware will also include urinals and toilet seats that will make the bathroom comfortable for each person who utilizes this room. Since this is one of the most used rooms of the home, comfort is a huge consideration.

The toilet seats from MacNeil include mahogany, oak and MDF. They are also available in a soft type and will enhance the look of the bathroom being built or redesigned. Also available among the MacNeil line of sanitary ware are wall-hung pans. This is another consideration when choosing just the right items for the new bathroom.