Shower Doors - An Alternative to the Shower Curtain

Shower doors are more aesthetically pleasing than shower curtains. In addition, they are easier to clean and more effective at preventing leaks in the bathroom. A shower curtain can allow water to seep underneath or from the corners and create puddles in the bathroom floor, which can be dangerous. Shower curtains can also stick to the person showering or billow in and out according to the air flow in the bathroom. Getting caught up in the shower curtain can be a dangerous situation when someone is standing on a wet surface.

The advantages of shower doors do not stop here. They are made to fit a variety of showers that can help to save space in the bathroom. Corner showers are an option when space is tight. When choosing a door for the shower being installed, the way they open should be considered as well. This is another advantage in small bathrooms, allowing the maximum conservation of space.

Shower Doors come in a Variety of Styles

From the typical doors that open out to the ones that glide on rollers, the choices for shower doors are quite diverse. Framed or frameless doors are another option. Accordion style doors and tempered glass doors provide space saving and safety.

The use of doors rather than curtains has retained their popularity over the years due to these reasons and more. The ease of cleaning them without removing them is another advantage that many people prefer. The doors can be used for shower stalls or they can be fitted over an existing bathtub. When designing or remodeling a bathroom, there is a door available for almost any type of shower that is desired.

Utilizing the technology available today, shower doors are made from glass or other materials that are more resistant to soap buildup and they resist damage from hot water and steam. Since these are typical elements in the bathroom, this is a very important feature.

The look of shower doors is another choice that allows the fit in any type of bathroom. They enhance the look of the bathroom as well as providing all of these benefits. Whether the bathroom being designed will be a modern look or another choice is made, the doors can add just the right touch to make this room look stylish and sophisticated.

The choice of shower doors from MacNeil includes Aqua D'or Shower doors. They are made from 5mm or 6mm tempered glass for safety and the gliding doors feature a superior system that allows the doors to be easily opened and closed. A polished glass edge is another safety feature.

The Aqua Lux is a corner entry shower featured in the MacNeil line of products that can provide an unmatched look to the bathroom being designed or remodeled. This is a sophisticated looking shower that is installed easily and provides years of satisfaction. The Aqua D'or showers are available in polished bright chrome or white, supplying a great look to the bathroom as well as functionality.