Talking about Taps

Taps and mixers are needed to get the water flow we use daily. The tap is the outlet for the water flow and the mixer is what regulates the combination of hot and cold to obtain the right water temperature.

Just as important as electricity; access to water via our tabs has become a living essential. Long gone are the days where we need to fetch water from a nearby river; and our modern daily lives surely benefit from the luxuries of flowing water at the turn of a tap

Since our bathrooms provide the time for a little relaxation from our hustle bustle life-styles, the choice of Sanitary Ware is important when remodelling or building a bathroom or kitchen. Taps are definitely elements which can truly enhance the overall aesthetic look and atmosphere of these rooms.

There are many styles and designs available to choose from to fit either your intent of going classic or with a chosen theme; and also to fit your budget. That is why MacNeil offers a magnificent range of Sanitary Ware in three different categories, which include Silver, Gold and Platinum levels. These allow for you to select the sanitary ware for your bathroom or kitchen that range from mid- to elite levels.

Choosing according to what is most important to you; and in particular those elements that add the most visual appeal; you can easily stay within your budget; and accomplish your desired outcome by spending on some items from the Elite range and making your additional sanitary choices from the mid level range for example.
Be sure to enjoy viewing MacNeil’s large range of European designed kitchen and bathroom selections. You will most definitely find attractive, high quality, durable competitively priced mixers and taps.

From the Elite level, the Tanzanite Bath/Shower Mixer with Diverter is a great choice when remodelling or constructing a bathroom. Its design provides the perfect distribution of hot and cold water; with a truly modern look.

The Elite level also offers a Tanzanite Basin Mixer with a Long Body. It provides a great look and a single-lever tap, which means no undue leaning over the basin is required.

When it comes to the kitchen, the Tanzanite Sink Mixer; also from the Elite level is an excellent blend for almost any decor choice; and make a terrific finishing touch to your room. When specifically looking at mixers and taps, be sure to take a look at the Tanzanite Sink Mixer Wall type!

Within the Elite level; MacNeil also offers the Topaz range; which includes a turn under tile diverter mixer and a turn basin mixer swivel spout. The turn under tile mixer allows cold and hot water to feed one or two outlets and thereby diverts water as desired; and the water temperature controlled by the position of the lever.
If you truly want to make a statement with your taps; a great consideration is to go for brass taps. Personally, I love the luxurious appeal they give to rooms. With modern day technology, it is not just functionality that counts; if style is what you seek, maybe an Italian Brass tap is for you!

Of course, your choice of shower head is in effect also a tap choice; and the latest craze is the popular shower roses. The shower; and the particular head you choose is much more than just a matter of hygiene. They can soothe tired muscles, aches, and pains, allowing stress to be washed away.

If you are looking into the top-level bracket, the MacNeil Gold range includes Avion, Lolite, Onex and Valpre ranges of taps and complete bathroom decor. Accessories from basin to shower and bath mixers; this extensive range includes diverters, hand showers and much more.

A good combination of selected items according to your preference can be made to suit your budget from the different levels of products offered.

The silver level of bathroom taps from MacNeil includes the Coral, the Classico, Victorian Headpart and the Emerald range of products.

For installation purposes, there is another consideration when choosing a new tap. All mixers must be fitted on a balanced water pressure system. I.e. the hot and cold water pressures must be the same. This is achieved by installing a pressure control valve on the main water inlet to the house.