Taps and Mixers Provide the Flow and the Right Temperature

Taps and mixers play an important part of obtaining the water used everyday. In order to get the water flow, a tap is required and getting the temperature of the water just right requires a mixer. This allows the hot and cold water to be mixed to obtain the temperature needed.

Imagine living in the days when people had to carry their water from a nearby creek or river for all their needs. From cleaning to cooking and washing clothes to baths, water plays an important role in our lives. Before the invention of taps and mixers, if hot water was desired, it would have to be heated over a fire.

How do Taps and Mixers Work?

Taps typically are available in two types. A manual mixer is one type that requires mixing the water and the other has an integrated thermostat so the water is mixed automatically. Set the temperature required and the water is distributed at that temperature chosen automatically. For example, in a shower with manual taps, the hot and cold water enter the faucet and they are mixed when the taps are adjusted by the user.

One way water is mixed to obtain the perfect temperature is by using a thermostatic mixing valve. This blends the hot and cold water for a consistent temperature. This contains a built in thermostat that adjusts the flow of the hot water supply and the cold water supply. If the water begins to cool down, the thermostatic valve senses the change in temperature and reduces the amount of cold water to allow the temperature to be maintained at the level desired.

A Range of Styles to fit any Home Décor

One of the beneficial aspects of mixers and taps today is the enhanced look they provide for bathrooms and kitchens. The many designs and styles that are available can add the finishing touches to a room. MacNeil provides a wide range of European designed bathroom and kitchen mixers and taps that are not only great looking, but high quality, durable and competitively priced.

Their selection includes three levels. Platinum, gold and silver levels include accessories for your bath and kitchen that range from mid-level to elite. The Tanzanite Basin Mixer Long Body is one example of the elite level. A single-lever tap with a great look that allows the user to obtain water without undue leaning over the basin is an option provided.

The Tanzanite Bath/Shower Mixer with Diverter is another elite level choice for the bathroom being remodeled or constructed. This is a modern look for any bathroom that will enrich the décor while providing the perfect distribution of hot and cold water.

Another option included in the elite level is the Tanzanite Sink Mixer Wall Type that is used in the kitchen. This is a design that can be used with almost any décor desired and will add the finishing touches to this room. For the designer look that many people are selecting today, this is one that should be considered when choosing taps and mixers.