The spa inspired bathroom

This year’s natural bathroom trend lends itself to the perfect spa inspired bathroom. What was once solely meant for luxurious hotels has now become the most followed household interior bathroom trend.

Modern spa-style bathrooms create an ideal space for relaxation with its simple lines, minimalistic features, light colours and natural textures especially for shower designs.

Now with simplicity and elegance in mind, imagine stepping into your own MacNeil Aqua D’or shower. Our line of frameless or semi-frameless shower enclosures is the ideal accessory for your chic bathroom. With polished glass edges for safety and a superior gliding system this shower range does not only look the part, but is entirely in its own league. 

Aqua D’or showers are available in polished bright chrome or white with an adjustable wall channel for easy installation and it comes with a specially manufactured 5mm or 6mm tempered glass door.
 Now you can transform your space into a spa-style retreat right in the comfort of your own home. So look no further.  View the extensive product range from MacNeil and our various modern and simplistic shower designs today.