Timber Doors Provide Safety and Beauty to the Home

When choosing timber doors, the beauty they provide is only equaled by the security. A home is a place where a family should feel safe and secure. When choosing a door for the main entrance of the home, naturally security is going to be a consideration. Stronger doors are being chosen as people become more aware of the value they can provide. In addition, since the entrance door will have to be durable enough to withstand the elements, timber doors are chosen for this quality.

Timber Doors for the Interior and Exterior of the Home

Additionally, timber doors may be chosen as interior doors. They are typically rated for how long they will withstand a fire, ranging from a half-hour to one and a half-hours. There are many types from which to choose for the interior and they are made in various styles to fit any décor.

Many of the doors are made with inlaid panels and can contain from two to twelve panels. There are also many manufactured with glass inserts of a shatterproof material that enhances the security aspect. The use of pine in making interior and exterior doors is one option. Doorframes are also made using wood, providing a better fit and adjustment if necessary.

Although many people have voiced concern over using timber for making doors, mainly due to the environment, the increased awareness of the importance of conserving has led to the reforestation of the trees used by companies that make these doors. This provides for the replacement of the trees used on a large scale.

Timber Doors Provide a Better Look than other Materials

A timber door will provide a look that doors made from other materials such as PVC cannot. When used for an extended time, wood doors can be adjusted and are easily redone. This is often not possible when the door is made from other types of materials.

Several choices for interior and exterior timber doors are available at MacNeil. Included in the wide range of products they provide are doors with windows made from shatterproof glass. This includes The Kentucky and The Carolina, which are part of the hardwood selection. The Security 6 Panel and the Security 6 Panel Half Grill are two others available.

Another door that is part of the MacNeil collection is the 4 Panel Symmetrical Pivot Door. This door will provide a great look to the home. Carrying a selection of pine stable doors, such as the Pine BB Stable Door is another choice if this is the type preferred.

If the doors needed are for interior use, for example, to separate rooms, a French door may be an option. They are available in different sizes and will enhance an opening between rooms when this is the effect desired. The choice of timber doors that will be used in the interior of the home or as an entrance door are one of the most popular today.