Tired of a Shower Curtain?

Long gone are the 70’s where you would find an orange and brown shower curtain in almost every bathroom! Shower doors are a great alternative and most definitely must more aesthetically pleasing than any shower curtain available on the market today.

A shower curtain usually allows water to seep underneath or from the corners and then creates puddles on the bathroom floor; let alone occurrences where people have tripped or actually got stuck in their curtains – and as funny as that may sound, this has actually happened a lot!

Shower doors are a fantastic alternative and the variety of styles is endless! When it comes to space, they are fantastic especially with corner showers. Space conservation can be considered when installing the shower door to either open to the in or outside. Accordion style doors are available that truly create space saving!

Choices truly are endless and come in a variety of styles. Typical doors that glide on rollers are one option, while framed or frameless shower doors are also available. What makes shower doors currently available so amazing is that they can be fitted over any existing bathtub, so when remodelling or designing a bathroom, it will be easy to find a door to suit any style of shower you would like to incorporate.

Replacing the out of date shower curtain has become the popular choice over the last years for many reasons including the easy cleaning. Technology available today incorporates materials that are resistant to soap build up and resistant to steam and hot water into the glass of shower doors; which of course are important features for fixtures in a bathroom.

MacNeil offers a great range, which includes Aqua D'or Shower doors. They are made from 5mm or 6mm tempered glass for safety; and the gliding doors feature a superior polished glass edge safety feature and system that allows the doors to be easily opened and closed.

Featured in the line of products is also the Aqua Lux; which is a corner entry shower which truly creates the most amazing and sophisticated look when finished; and has an extensive lifespan! The Aqua D'or showers are available in polished bright chrome or white, which provides both a great look with fabulous functionality!
Conventional shower doors are also being replaced with the increasingly popular Frameless shower doors; which provide the separation of the shower from the rest of the bathroom. This creates a more open and opulent feeling and these doors are steam proof!

Although these frameless doors look fragile, they are in fact not only elegant, but extremely durable. The frameless shower door will typically last four times longer than a conventional shower door and maintenance is minimal! Installation is easy because this door uses hinges on a track, which allows them to stay in place. The glass selection for the door can be clear to allow for an un-obstructed view; or you can choose it to be etched or clouded.

For durability, elegance and low maintenance this is a choice that is definitely worth considering.

Creating a designer look in the bathroom has increased in popularity over the years as people desire their bathrooms to exude the same level of style as other rooms in their homes. There has been a move from the traditional bathrooms of yesteryear to newer more contemporary designs for sophisticated, elegant and relaxing spaces.