Bathroom Sanitary Ware

If you are planning to build or renovate a bathroom; the selection of Sanitary Ware and accessories are a key part of your project. Choosing correctly; you will be able to achieve just the right look, create the right atmosphere and ensure you work within your budget.

Specialists such as MacNeil offer a silver, gold and platinum range of Sanitary ware; which makes selection of different elements very easy if you want to splash out on some items from the Elite range; and save some money by purchasing other sanitary items from the mid or top level ranges.

In the end, it depends on your taste, style and the specific sanitary items most important to you. It is very possible to still create a magnificent bathroom with a selection of a couple of higher priced items and various lower priced items; and combine these to complete your project.

Depending on the size of your bathroom and the specific needs of the users; you are able to plan what sanitary items are more important; or which you would like to give preference to.

Considering a master bathroom; a double vanity and bath may be the focal point to create that relaxing, romantic and functional atmosphere. Then again, you may be renovating a smaller bathroom for children, who may require basins to be installed a little lower; or for an elderly person, who may require specific fittings to make the bathroom more functional and easier to use.

If the basin is your preference and that is where you would like to spend a little more; be sure to take a look at the Platinum (Elite) Range of Montego Cabinet Basins or the Bermuda range, especially the wall mounted basin units! Wall mounted units are a great space saver if that is what you require. For free-standing units, the Martinique Range is spectacular; and falls within the Gold or mid-level range if your budget is tighter.

A Toilet Seat can make a huge difference if correctly chosen to suit the style of your bathroom. At a mid-level cost range; there are many variations of colours and materials such as Mahogany, Oak and MDF to choose from.

If you are looking for a toilet seat for a small child, make sure to look out for the Sally Toilet seat, which fits all toilets and has a soft lining that secures its position. Especially when toilet-training, your little one can sit safely and comfortably and learn their new skills at their own pace.

Sanitary choices for today’s bathrooms are extensive and diverse. Whether your goal is to create an aesthetically pleasing bathroom or a more functional and practical one; it is more than possible if you shop around. If you make sure to select those items most important; you are sure to work within your pre-set budget. Whether you are going with a theme, specific colouring or wanting a more traditional look, it is all possible.