Choosing Bathroom Accessories

Honestly, the key element that contributes to the overall atmosphere of your bathroom is the selection of décor, accessories, colour and lighting!

By carefully selecting these elements, you will be amazed at just how astonishing you can make it! With some well chosen items and features within your budget, your bathroom can be transformed into a cozy, warm and inviting space!

If you do not have the budget to completely re-model your bathroom, choosing some new sanitary ware and selecting décor items is by far the cheapest way of enhancing this very important space of your home!
The ranges and styles available in bathroom accessories, sanitary ware, lighting, glass tiles, and flooring to name a few are of course vast with an incredible amount of choices that can make you a little light-headed.
With some guidelines as to what to keep in mind, maybe this will help.

Firstly, consider the plan you want to adopt for your bathroom along with the space you have available. To more clearly explain what is meant here, is that you need to decide on a “theme” you like and ensure that it goes with the type of bathroom (its use) and the space you have available to add décor.

Small spaces do require you to consider a more simplistic theme, choosing plainer bathroom accessories and using a style that features clean, straight lines.

If however, you are working with a master bathroom and have space for more luxurious fittings and detail, you are in for a treat when it comes to choosing high end fixtures, accessories and décor. From lighting to creative storage ideas, mirrors, glass tiles and flooring… you can choose nearly any theme and work with that inside a selected budget.

Once you have considered the above carefully, think about the most needed and important accessories for your bathroom – those elements that are not replaced often such as showers and sinks.

MacNeil offers a fantastic range to choose from in 3 price ranges. Since these are items that are bought to last for a long time, consider the timelessness of your choice as well as the quality of these items to fit your budget.
It is often surprising that an element that makes such tremendous difference is not given consideration. Yes, we are talking lighting! Actually, lighting is an extremely vital accessory. Not only can the right lighting change the atmosphere of the bathroom entirely, too dimly lit areas make it hard to see well when needed for grooming. Make sure that you have a strong light fitted above the mirror area and if you like those long soaks – why not install dimmers?

If you have the space and extra budget; flooring and glass tiles are an excellent extra to totally transform your bathroom, and neither should the visual power of colour, tiles and paint be underestimated!

Once you have made your decisions on the above, come back to your theme and start selecting you finer décor items. Depending on the look you want, you can now decide on soap dishes, toothbrush holders, shower curtain and so forth. Do remember that even in a large bathroom; storage is essential to ensure it does not look over-crowded. Try to select the visible items to be for functional purposes.