The PolyFit System is our hand-demountable plumbing system offering ultimate flexibility and adjustability. Manufactured from polybutylene, our PolyFit System is ideal for hot and cold water plumbing in domestic and commercial buildings. The flexible pipe eliminates the need for expensive fittings, whilst the simple 'push - click' jointing process makes PolyFit the world's quickest and easiest plumbing system to install.

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  1. 15mm x 25m Polyfit Barrier Coil
  2. 22mm x 25m PolyFit Barrier Coil
  3. 28mm x 25m PolyFit Barrier Coil
  4. 15mm x 50m PolyFit Barrier Coil
  5. 22mm x 50m PolyFit Barrier Coil
  6. 28mm x 50m PolyFit Barrier Coil
  7. 15mm x 100m PolyFit Barrier Coil
  8. 15mm x 120m PolyFit Barrier Coil
  9. 15mm x 150m PolyFit Barrier Coil
  10. Pipe Stiffener 15mm

    Pipe Stiffeners 15mm

    Plastic Pipe Stiffener
  11. Pipe Stiffener 22mm

    Pipe Stiffeners 22mm

    Plastic Pipe Stiffener
  12. Pipe Stiffener 28mm

    Pipe Stiffeners 28mm

    Plastic Pipe Stiffener
  13. Elbow 15mm
  14. Elbow 22mm
  15. Elbow 28mm
  16. Spigot Elbow 15mm
  17. Spigot Elbow 22mm
  18. DZR Wall Plate Elbow 15mm
  19. Straight Coupler 15mm
  20. Straight Coupler 22mm
  21. Straight Coupler 28mm
  22. DZR Adaptor
  23. DZR Adaptor 22mm
  24. DZR Adaptor 15mm
  25. DZR Adaptor 22mm
  26. End Reducer Tee
  27. End Reducer Tee
  28. Branch Reduced Tee
  29. Branch Reduced Tee
  30. Reducing Socket
  31. Reducing Socket
  32. Reducing Socket
  33. Straight Tap Connector
  34. Straight Tap Connector
  35. Bent Tap
  36. Flexible Hose
  37. Flexible Hose
  38. Flexible Hose
  39. Flexible Hose
  40. 3 Port Manifold

    3 Port Manifold

    3 Port Manifold
  41. Equal Tee
  42. Equal Tee
  43. Equal Tee