Frameless Shower Doors provide another Option for the Bathroom

Frameless shower doors provide the separation of the shower from the rest of the room. While doing so they set the character of the bathroom, providing the look of style and design that is desired today. The conventional shower doors are being replaced with the new look that creates an open and opulent feeling in this room. Rather than feeling closed in while showering, these doors are also steam proof which allows the room to be seen.

Frameless Shower Doors are Elegant and Durable

The frameless shower doors may look fragile, but in fact, they are quite durable. Creating a designer look in the bathroom is a high priority today. Many people have decided this room needs to exude the same level of style as other rooms of the home. Moving away from the traditional bathrooms of yesteryear, the new modern contemporary designs are creating stylish, sophisticated and relaxing environments for homeowners today.

Combine frameless shower doors with the choices that are available in today's shower heads, such as the popular shower roses. This creates a bathroom that is soothing and calming after a long day of work. The shower is much more than just a matter of hygiene. They can soothe tired muscles, aches, and pains, allowing stress to be washed away. With a shower door that enhances the open feeling rather than the feeling of being closed up in a cubicle, even more stress is relieved.

Superior Shower Doors

More people are replacing their existing shower doors and curtains with the frameless shower doors. A selection of frameless shower doors is available from MacNeil, a manufacturer and distributor of bathroom accessories. They have a line of Aqua D'or products that include many choices for those who are remodeling a bathroom or designing one for their new home.

Among the features of their doors are polished glass edges, which are safer. They have mold-resistant, magnetic seals and the wall channels allow easy installation. Their line of Superior Shower Doors includes the Alpine, a square pivot semi-frameless product. The doors feature 5mm or 6mm tempered glass, which is another safety aspect in the bathroom.

Easy Installation and Overall Value

The frameless shower door uses hinges or a track, allowing them to stay in place. The glass used for the door can be clear allowing an unobstructed view of the bathroom. 

Choosing this type of shower door over the framed door will add value to the home as well. The bathroom is one of the most important rooms of a home when resell value is considered. The frameless shower door has another advantage. They will typically last four times longer than a conventional shower door. The reasoning behind this is the traditional door has more parts and this creates more places that the door can fail.

In addition, maintenance of frameless shower doors is minimal. They are easier to clean since there are not a large number of metal parts that can increase the chance of corrosion. In the bathroom where the environment is warm and moist, this can become a problem with certain types of shower doors. For durability, elegance and low maintenance this is a choice that is definitely worth considering.