How to choose the right Bathtub

Of course there are various things to consider when choosing your perfect bathtub. With some elements, a certain amount of choice is possible; and with others there are restrictions such as size or room shape. The amount of other sanitary items in a specific bathroom and the unique needs of the user of course also play a role!

The spectrum and ranges truly are limitless; from aesthetic to wise application of space or practicality; the bathtub range from Macneil offers a wonderful variety in all shapes and sizes. Best is, they also price their products in 3 different price levels from silver being mid-level, platinum as the elite; and then gold as their top level range.

Choosing the right tub requires that you consider what the “purpose” of the tub is for you. Is it general purpose in other words to serve multiple uses such as bathing children and the dog?

Is it more luxurious and you desire a soaking tub? These are usually deeper and allow you to truly submerse your whole body into the water. In various shapes, styles and ranges to choose from; soaking tubs usually hold more water and typically have taller sides.

Then of course you get other exciting bathtubs such as the walk-in tub that provides a door that allows you to walk into the tub instead of climbing over the edge, loose standing vintage units and whirlpool or air tubs!
So being clear on what you want from your bathtub is a first start. There are different ways to install your tub such as a regular alcove installation, which is usually for a standard size bathroom; you get raised or platform installations for more fancy or main bathrooms; loose standing and even under-mount installation where the tub is actually slightly sunken.

Considering your space and your preference, you may like specific units such as the Oval Bakeoven bath or the gorgeous triangular Llandudno Bath unit from Macneil! A favorite and definitely currently very popular is the square Newport bath!

A great way to choose the right tub is to consider the overall purpose, the space, your specific choice of style and budget as well as the various ways of installing your tub.

Get a good idea of this and decide on a budget upfront. Then visit Macneil to view the amazing choices and start putting the picture together.

Remember, although some other shoppers may think it funny – but, before you swipe that card, be sure to actually sit in the tub to make sure it “feels just right”!